Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016
  • Kudos to SamTrans and the City of East Palo Alto! Together, you've solved an important problem for the community at large and the high school students in East Palo Alto by rerouting of 280 and 81. In Michelle Daher's words,(a Management Analyst from the City of East Palo Alto who worked on the project with the Samtrans team, 

    "Excellent work...I see the 81 daily nearly filled to bursting with students heading over to the high school. That's dozens of cars off the roadways. And I've also heard that people are migrating to use the updated 280 service....Many thanks for your (the Samtrans' team's) hard work!!! East Palo Alto loves public transportation!!!"

    Thanks to SamTrans for listening and figuring out a workable solution for all.

    Getting kids to school on time is big in my book - it goes hand in hand with raising graduation rates.