Shared Vision 2025 reflects the goals and priorities for the San Mateo County community expressed during a series of public meetings and surveys. The five "community outcomes"  — healthy, livable, prosperous, environmentally conscious and collaborative — provide a foundation for sound decision-making. Focusing on the Shared Vision 2025 goals and priorities places an emphasis on what's best for all of San Mateo County today and in the years to come.

healthy community
Healthy Community

Our neighborhoods are safe and provide residents with access to quality health care and seamless services.

Prosperous Community

Our economic strategy fosters innovation in all sectors, creates jobs and educational opportunities for all residents.

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Livable Community

Our growth occurs near transit, promotes affordable, livable connected communities.

wave and trees
Environmentally Conscious Community

Our natural resources are preserved through environmental stewardship, reducing our carbon emissions, and using energy, water and land more efficiently.

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Collaborative Community

Our leaders forge partnerships, promote regional solutions, with informed and engaged residents, and approach issues with fiscal accountability and concern for future impacts.

Shared Vision 2025 SMC Performance