Three girls together in the grass smiling, one Black, one Latina, one Asian American

Diversity is our strength. In San Mateo County, over 43% of us speak a language other than English at home and over 35% of us are foreign-born.

Aerial view of Belmont Hills overlooking homes with the San Francisco Bay in the distance

District 2 is comprised of San Mateo, Foster City, and part of Belmont that's north of Ralston, as seen in this view from Belmont Hills overlooking San Francisco Bay.

Medical technician in scrubs smiling warmly and giving a shot to a girl in her mom's arms

San Mateo Medical Center operates an acute care hospital in District 2, serving the healthcare needs of all residents of San Mateo County.

San Mateo Medical Center sign above front entrance against a clear blue sky

San Mateo Medical Center, located in District 2, provides emergency care for people of all ages 24 hours a day, every day.

Coyote Point trail marker with trees and view across San Francisco Bay

Coyote Point in District 2 overlooking San Francisco Bay originally was an island completely surrounded by salt marsh. 

Woman of color smiling with small child looking at a book

San Mateo County Libraries are Open for Exploration™, with 13 libraries serving more than 2 million patrons a year. 

Group of children walk excitedly into the Foster City Library

Foster City Library is one of District 2's destination resource centers where you can reserve everything from books and karaoke machines to laptops and sewing machines!

College of San Mateo against a clear blue sky with student carrying a backpack and walking up the hill

Located on a beautiful 153-acre site in the San Mateo hills with a panoramic view of San Francisco Bay, College of San Mateo in District 2 is FREE!

Two children gleefully sliding down a yellow and green slide at the San Mateo County Fair

Hosted in District 2 and rich in local history, the San Mateo County Fair showcases the best of our County and brings family and community together. 

Arched entrance to San Mateo County Event Center with grass and flowers in foreground

The San Mateo County Event Center in District 2 has over 48 acres of property that includes seven buildings totaling over 195,000 square feet of indoor exhibit space and hosts trade shows, meetings, festivals, corporate events, sporting events, and much more.

Aerial view of Coyote Point Marina with boats lined up in dock and park in background

Coyote Point Recreation Area in District 2 is a 670-acre park operated by San Mateo County, which includes a large playground, the CuriOdyssey junior museum, a sandy beach, a marina, hiking trails, and picnic areas.

Two Samaritan House Food Pantry volunteers in blue tshirts pack food in grocery bags.

Samaritan House in District 2 is the core services agency fighting poverty and lifting lives by connecting our working poor to resources they need as valued members of our community.

Welcome to District 2!

I'm proud to represent the people of San Mateo, Foster City, and Belmont north of Ralston on the Board of Supervisors, working together for us all.

District 2 Supervisor Noella Corzo

Our D2 Mission

To interrupt inequity, promote representation and belonging, and create lasting change that serves us ALL. 


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District 2 Strategic Priorities Peninsula Station affordable housing is a modern building at nightAffordable Housing Mother and child at Coyote Point beachfront smiling and looking with wonder at the waves on the sandCommunity Safety and Wellness Supervisor Corzo is smiling next to two friends at the Pride Festival.Equity, Justice, and Representation

District 2 Strategic Plan Presentation

San San Mateo County District 2 Strategic Plan

On April 30, 2024, we presented to the community the first-ever district-specific strategic plan for San Mateo County, a culmination of seven months of research in English, Spanish, and Chinese across District 2. The findings shaped our strategic plan with data-driven goals and actions. Full report will be available soon. 

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Supervisor Corzo in the News Supervisor Corzo is speaking to cameraCondado San Mateo pondrá a disposición más recursos para víctimas de violencia doméstica Supervisor Corzo is smiling with a KCBS radio logoBoard approves $30 living wage for San Mateo County employees Supervisor Noelia Corzo presents District 2 strategic planSupervisor Corzo shares strategic plan for San Mateo County's District 2 Supervisor Noelia Corzo stands on the field at MLK Center in San Mateo'I remember being there' shapes policy, priorities Supervisor Noelia Corzo sits on a park bench with reporter.It took San Mateo County 167 years to elect a Latina supervisor. This is her story. Corzo and Mueller announce Baby Bonus program at child poverty event.JPGSupervisor Corzo joins Jackie Speier to end child poverty Peninsula Station affordable housing is a modern building at nightSan Mateo county considers more aggressive housing plans Supervisor Noelia Corzo speaks into a microphone at Foster Youth EventLifting the lives of former foster youth with guaranteed income pilot San Mateo County Board of Supervisors discuss Tenant Protections Ordinance at study session.Tenant Protections Ordinance delayed following study session Supervisor Noelia Corzo is a Latina woman with long black hair and glasses, wearing a black suit with simple white blouseImmigrants equal under the law; San Mateo County ends collaboration with ICE
Statement on U.S. Supreme Court in City of Grants Pass v. Johnson 6/28/2024

I am deeply concerned by the Trump-appointed U.S. Supreme Court's inhumane decision in City of Grants Pass v. Johnson that allows cities to further criminalize homelessness and clear encampments without being required to provide shelter beds for our unhoused neighbors.

The solution to homelessness is housing. Without offering some form of shelter, evictions, citations, or jail time only further harm our neighbors who already have so little. I am committed to ensuring that our County continues the progress we have made toward functional zero homelessness by providing dignified services, shelter, and housing for our unhoused residents.

Statement on Portola Elementary Students' Exposure to Tear Gas 6/11/2024

On May 21st, nearly 30 students at Portola Elementary school reported symptoms consistent with tear gas exposure after a training exercise involving the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department and UC Berkeley police where tear gas was deployed.

This incident is deeply alarming to me. Children should under no circumstances be exposed to chemical agents such as tear gas.

After being exposed to tear gas, the children reported symptoms including coughing, watery eyes, wheezing and trouble breathing.

As a County Supervisor, I feel a moral obligation to protect the health of children in San Mateo County. Tear gas should never be tested next to a school, let alone an elementary school.

I urge the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department to permanently cease all testing of chemical agents at the San Bruno Jail, which is adjacent to Portola Elementary School and Skyline College.

Statement in Solidarity with Healthcare Workers and Civilians in Gaza 3/4/2024

On Monday, March 4, 2024, I sponsored a Resolution in Solidarity with Healthcare Workers and Civilians in Gaza, introduced at the San Mateo Medical Center Board of Directors. While the outcome of vote was not what I hoped for, I am committed to speaking up against the violation of human rights wherever they occur. What makes the genocide in Gaza unique is the total collapse of the medical system, the blockade of food and medicine, and the targeting of Gaza’s best and brightest, which includes over 600 medical workers who have been killed while providing life-saving care. I will continue to condemn any and all attacks on innocent civilians and medical workers, even if it means I do so alone.

Every forum of power is the right place to speak up for human rights and I am proud of standing on the right side of history alongside many others in San Mateo County, our nation, and the world. 

Statement Opposing Historic District in the Baywood Neighborhood of the City of San Mateo 2/27/2024

It is no secret that San Mateo County is one of the most expensive places to live in California. San Mateo County is one of the only two counties in the United States where median home values top $1.5 million. As a community we should be working together to create more affordable and welcoming neighborhoods, not uphold or create exclusive and unwelcoming practices that keep our community divided. As county leaders, it is our responsibility to weigh in when we see these tactics being used to continue the legacy of redlining.

In the City of San Mateo, a very concerning effort led by a small group of homeowners seeks to designate Baywood, the 20th most segregated neighborhood of white wealth in the Bay Area, as a “historic district.” By making Baywood a historic district, they would create a template that could be replicated all across the city, county, and potentially the state. I have heard deep concern from my constituents that this historic district designation would infringe on the rights of property owners to renovate their homes by imposing unnecessary bureaucratic and financial hurdles. 

Board President Warren Slocum and I presented a resolution to the Board in opposition to these efforts that called on this group to rescind their application and for the National Register of Historic Places to reject the application. While the resolution did not receive the support necessary to pass, I am proud to have elevated this important issue that will affect our entire county and have received support from councilmembers across our county for doing so.  

Statement on Hopeful Horizons: Empowering Lives Initiative 1/30/2024

On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, the Board of Supervisors voted to enact a new ordinance that will significantly change how the County addresses encampments in unincorporated areas. The new ordinance, called the Hopeful Horizons: Empowering Lives Initiative, will create a new procedure for the County that governs encampments on public property in unincorporated areas. I am hopeful about many aspects of this ordinance, including protections for unhoused residents’ belongings when encampments are cleared. I applaud Supervisor Slocum, Supervisor Pine, and our dedicated county staff for taking leadership to address the homelessness crisis in our county. The status quo is not working, and it must change. 

However, while I initially voted to advance the ordinance at the January 23rd Board of Supervisors meeting because of the many ways it will address homelessness in our county, I ultimately voted against adopting the ordinance on January 30th. I am concerned that by imposing a new misdemeanor penalty on unhoused residents who do not accept shelter within 72 hours, our unhoused neighbors may face new barriers when applying to housing in the future. In California, landlords can ask applicants for their conviction records – including misdemeanors – and this information may be used to reject a prospective tenant even if they meet other requirements. This concerns me deeply, because it might prevent our unhoused neighbors from accessing housing even if they have the economic resources to apply for a rental in the future.  

I am confident that county staff will work diligently to ensure that unhoused residents affected by this ordinance will be protected and that they will have access to court diversion programs that may be able to erase their charges. Nonetheless, I am committed to staying in touch with our dedicated county staff to understand how the rollout of this new ordinance will impact our unhoused neighbors. I am committed to understanding what steps are being taken to protect their belongings, their safety, and their ability to apply for rental housing. I am looking forward to working collaboratively with staff as the county implements this new ordinance to ensure it protects our most vulnerable neighbors. 

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