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Operator Identification Number (OPID)

All property operators who plan to use any material to control any pest in parks, cemeteries, golf courses, etc. must obtain an OPID annually. Permit renewal information can be found here.

Restricted Materials Permit (RMP)

The use of restricted use pesticides requires a Restricted Materials Permit. Please read more about Obtaining a Restricted Materials Permit as well as California Restricted Materials Use Requirements in English and Spanish

Notice of Intent for Restricted Material Use

Review our Notice of Intent Policy.

Pesticide Use Reporting

CalAg Permits Online Pesticide Use Reporting

California law requires that any pesticide, any material used to control any pest, must be reported to the state of California. You must report any use monthly by the 10th of the following month of use. This is done electronically on Login information is available by contacting our department at (650) 363-4700.

Employee Training

Pesticide Handler Training Documents

Department of Pesticide Regulation Pesticide Safety Information Series in Agricultural Settings: PSIS N Series

Pesticide Handler Written Training Program

Pesticide Handler Training Record - English  Spanish

Other Resources:

Pesticide Label and Safety Data Sheet Database: CDMS



Respiratory Protection