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Maintenance Gardener Business Registration

Beginning in 2022 we moved to an online registration system on CalAgPermits. Please log in to your CalAgPermits online account to find a new registration option on the dashboard. If you need an online account or help logging in, please contact our department at (650) 363-4700 or via email at 

Registration forms and step by step instructions can be found here.

Online registration is strongly encouraged. However, mail-in registration forms will also still be accepted by our department. 

Pesticide Use Reporting

CalAg Permits Online Pesticide Use Reporting

California law requires that any pesticide, any material used to control any pest, applied by a pest control business for hire must be reported to the state of California. You must report any use monthly by the 10th of the following month of use. This is done electronically on Login information is available by contacting our department at (650) 363-4700. A separate account is required for each county in which you operate.


Maintenance Gardener Licensing

Do you apply Pesticides as part of your maintenance gardening business?

Pesticides are defined as any material used to control pests such as weeds, insects, fungi and rodents.  Products such as Round Up and Gopher Getter are considered to be pesticides.  If you do not apply any pesticides as part of your service, you are not required to be licensed with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

State law requires all businesses that apply pesticides, even those making incidental applications during their primary landscaping gardening tasks, be licensed by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Licensing requirements include having a properly qualified and trained applicator familiar with safe pesticide application practices and current pesticide laws, typically a Qualified Applicator Certificate (QAC) holder. 

More information is available in our San Mateo County Maintenance Gardener Brochure available in English and Spanish

Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Maintenance Gardener Program. This page contains information on exams, business regulations, educational resources, and current licenses.

DPR Qualified Applicator Certificate (QAC) Application

DPR QAC License Exam Schedule

DPR Maintenance Gardener Business License Application English  Spanish

Employee Training

Pesticide Handler Training Documents

Department of Pesticide Regulation Pesticide Safety Information Series for Non-Agricultural Settings: N Series

Pesticide Hander Training Program

Pesticide Handler Training Record - English  Spanish

Other Resources:

Pesticide Label and Safety Data Sheet Database: CDMS

Respiratory Protection