Roped off construction area of a crumbling road

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Gazos Creek Road, Scenic Drive, Old La Honda Road, Alpine Road, Capistrano Road, Portola Road, Mirada Road, Entrada Way

About the Project

County crews are repairing various sites which incurred storm damage over the 2016/17 winter season.

The damage sites for which preliminary repair strategies have been developed include Gazos Creek Road, Old La Honda Road, Alpine Road, Mirada Road, Entrada Way, Portola Road and Capistrano Road.

Damages include failed road sections and adjacent hillsides that will require reconstruction in order to re-establish a stable and appropriate roadway width.

On Gazos Creek Road, repairs involve the restoration of vegetation and habitat that is natural to the area. Large boulders will be keyed into the exisiting hillside and natural vegetative elements supported by a buried rock wall, will be installed over the surface of the rocks to recreate the vegetative diversity that naturally occurs.

Work at each individual repair site could take several weeks and repairs are expected to extend into the fall.

To the extent necessary, the County will also be hiring Geotechnical consultants to perform additional site analysis that will dictate appropriate site repairs, and this work will be simultaneously occurring. Geotechnical analysis will occur at many of the above-mentioned sites, as well as at Scenic Drive in la Honda.

The County will also explore contracting out work that will expedite the required repairs.

Parking Restrictions

While repairs proceed, temporary road closures in the immediate vicinity of the work areas will be required in order to allow the work to safely proceed.


Joseph LoCoco