Project Overview

Pescadero Fire Station 59 is located on Pescadero Creek Road half way between the coast and the Town of Pescadero, and is adjacent to Butano Creek.  The station consists of two buildings: a single-story wood framed barracks and single-story pre-fabricated steel apparatus building.  They were erected around 1957, and over time, some office, storage and fitness areas were added to the apparatus building.

The station's largest operation issue relates to the flooding of the site, mainly the barracks building, during the rainy season.  In normal years, water rises to the underside of the building's wood floor joists, introducing dry rot and mold.  In heavy storms, the building has been flooded.  The site is located in a FEMA-designated flood plain and tsunami inundation area, and within the predicted limits of a 50-year sea level rise.  During winter flood events, some station personnel and equipment are mobilized east of Butano Creek, near Pescadero High School on Cloverdale Road.

The flooding issues in this area, and possible solutions, have been studied over several years.  Any solution will be complex due to the presence of aquatic habitat and endangered species in the area and will require the approval of federal, state and local agencies, including the County.  A full resolution to the flooding problem may be years away. 

The station site location is pending the outcome of the community engagement process.


1200 Pescadero Creek Rd, Pescadero, CA 94060




Theresa Yee

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