Emergency Information and After Business Hours Telephone Numbers

Public Works Emergency Line (650) 363-4100 (day or night, 24 hours)

County Facility emergencies (Broken windows or door, alarm sounding, unable to secure building) call 363-4444 during business hours 7:30 am – 5:00 pm or after hours number (650) 363-4100.

Downed Wires or Power Lines, a Power Outage, a Gas Leak or other related emergency, call PG&E (800) 743-5000 or 911

Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services (OES), San Mateo County - (650) 363-4790

Road or Street Emergencies (Trees Down, landslide, flooding) 

Business Hours 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday (650) 363-4103 or (650) 363-4100 (day or night, 24 hours)


County residents in unincorporated areas may pick up sandbags free of charge at the following
locations. There is a limit of 15 bags; requests for additional bags will be considered on a
case-by-case basis. When you are done with them, feel free to bring them back to the yard for


  • Grant Corporation Yard, 752 Chestnut, Redwood City – (650) 363-4103
  • Princeton Corporation Yard, 203 Cornell Avenue – (650) 728-7993
  • Pescadero High School, 350 Butano Cutoff Road
  • La Honda Corporation Yard, 59 Entrada Way – (650) 747-0341

Sewer Back-ups or Manhole Overflows, call (650) 363-4100 (day or night, 24 hours)

Street Light Outages
Residents can report outages by phone or email. Voice messages can be left on a 24-hour "Hotline" by dialing 650-599-1407. 

Email may be sent to streetlights@smcgov.org. For prompt service, please specify the nearest address to the pole, or a pole number, which may be found on the pole about 6-feet from the ground. Additionally, indicate your name and phone number so staff can contact you for clarifications and notify you of any repair delays.

A District electrician services and repairs street light outages reported to the District usually within ten working days.

Water Emergencies for County Service Area 7 (CSA7) or County Service Area 11 (CSA11), call (650) 363-4100. Wait for the phone to roll forward to the County Communications Center and the Dispatcher will notify the on-call staff-person.