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Entrada Way Bridge at La Honda Creek

About the Project

The repair projects consists of repairing the failed culvert and slope adjacent to the Entrada Way bridge. Drainage improvements include replacing the failed 30" culvert down-drain. Potential repairs include a retaining wall, creek restoration or realignment, and erosion control measures. 

Public Works Contact

Anthony Lum
Senior Civil Engineer



  • January 2023 – Temporary repair for culvert to direct stormwater away from bank. Preliminary site investigations performed.
  • February 2023 - Desktop analysis, development of supporting documents for FEMA, and procurement of geotechnical and drilling firms. 
  • March 2023 - Coordination with Cal OES/FEMA and monitoring of site.
  • May 2023 - Field Meeting with FEMA for site assessment and repair scope development.
Entrada Way - Culvert