LAFCo File No. 22-05 – Proposed Annexation by the San Mateo Resource Conservation District (Approximately 210,000 acres)

The San Mateo Local Agency Formation Commission has received an application from the San Mateo Resource Conservation District (SMRCD) to annex approximately 210,000 acres in San Mateo County. The annexation area includes:

1) The area east of the existing SMRCD boundary to Highway 280

2) Several excluded pockets in the coastal area of San Mateo County

The San Mateo Resource Conservation District is an independent special district that collaborates with landowners and managers, technical advisors, local jurisdictions, government agencies, and others to protect, conserve and restore natural resources in San Mateo County. SMRCD provides assistance in areas such as of water resources, soil and agriculture, wildlife habitat, wildfire, and climate change. SMRCD is a non-regulatory agency and works with constituents on a voluntary basis.

No projects or new services are currently proposed by SMRCD as part of the annexation application.

Information related to this application will be posted to this site for review. The following links are currently available:


Plan for Service

Resolution of Application

Map of Annexation Area

If you have questions about this proposal or would like to provide comments, please email Rob Bartoli, Executive Officer for San Mateo LAFCo, at