Cleaning Up

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials refer to any substance defined or identified by any governmental authority as harmful to the environment or capable of posing a risk of injury to public health and safety. The term includes, without limitation, any substance, whether in the form of a solid, liquid, gas or any other form whatsoever, which requires special handling in its use, transportation, generation, collection, storage, treatment or disposal.

Personal Property

In insurance terminology, personal property is commonly referred to as contents. Contents refers to items that are not attached to the structure or that would typically be taken with you if you were to sell or move out of the home. These items would include: furniture, clothing, books, electronics, some appliances, drapery, collectibles, paintings, kitchen utensils, sports equipment, toys, tools, food, etc. After a disaster, the contents of your home may have to be removed and stored offsite in order to perform repairs.

Smoke & Water Damage

Fire is the chemical process of transforming a solid into a gas through heat. During a structure fire, the smoke and heat pressurize the inside of the building. The pressure forces smoke into every airspace, cavity, and crack and can be found inside closed compartments such as cabinets. The pressure can cause windows and doors to crack or blow out. In an attic fire, the pressure can build high enough to force smoke down into wall cavities, through the small holes that are drilled for electrical wiring or plumbing vent pipes.

Financial Recovery

State of California Guide to Disaster Assistance Services

Disaster Relief and Financial Assistance

Homeowners Insurance Information

Public Insurance Adjusters

A public insurance adjuster is an insurance adjuster that may be hired directly by the insured to represent them against their insurance company for the purpose of settling the insurance claim.

Recovery of Valuables

The State of California can expedite the replacement of documents if there is an urgent need especially passports for those with international travel or work requirements.

Working with Contractors

Avoiding Disaster Scams

Estimates and The Scope of Work

Obtain a comprehensive and detailed scope of work and estimate of repairs before you hire a contractor to rebuild.

Finding The Right Contractor

Finding a qualified contractor to rebuild or repair your home will be one of the most important decisions you will make.

Working with Contractors following a disaster

Immediately after a disaster, you may be solicited by public insurance adjusters, contractors, or other salespeople offering their services.

Taking Care of Yourself Following an Emergency

Replacement and Relocation

How do I find my family?

Safety After a Disaster

Do not return to your damaged home before the area is declared to be safe by local building and safety officials.

Trauma, Intervention & Grief Counseling

Donations & Volunteering Following an Emergency or Disaster