Hello.  My name is La Saundra Gutter and I am a newly appointed commissioner to the Commission on the Status of Women.  I have lived in San Mateo County for almost 50 years with a brief 10 year stay in San Francisco.  I am mother to two wonderful human beings, a son and a daughter.  I recently retired from San Mateo County after 20+ years of service.  My position at retirement was Institutions Services Manager at the Youth Services Center.  Prior to this position, I worked on the living units directly with young girls for 10 years and also worked with young boys. I spent many years focusing on improving the lives of young people and worked with many community-based organizations as well as in-house Mental Health services to provide essential programming for the youth.  Although challenging, this work gave me great pride and internal gratification.  

I am a graduate of California State University at Hayward where I hold a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Management and a BA in Sociology. 

I am a dedicated Bay Area sports fan who loves to root for the home team, Warriors, 49ers, and Giants. Now in retirement you will find me more in the stands cheering.

It is my hope that my presence and work on the Commission will manifest positive outcomes for women and children in San Mateo County.

Photo of La Saundra Gutter
La Saundra Gutter