Official page for the San Mateo County Office of Public Safety Communications, California.

Mission: PSC provides high quality law enforcement, fire, and medical dispatch and communications services to the public and public safety agencies in order to protect the health and safety of the people of San Mateo County.

Description: The Office of Public Safety Communications is one of several departments under the oversight of the County Manager’s Office. The Communications Center Director directly reports to a Deputy County Manager assigned to Community Services.


Office of Public Safety Communications (PSC)

PSC employs 63 personnel. 11 employees are supervisory/management including the Director, Operations Managers and Supervising Communications Dispatchers. There are five administrative staff, a Dispatch Coordinator, two Office Specialist, a Senior IT Technician, and an Office Assistant. The remaining 47 employees are line staff assigned to the Communications Center. The Department is divided into three Divisions, Administration, Operations and Systems.

General Information: Services provided are distinguished services and may be described as those services which have been sanctioned by the California Government Code, County Ordinance, County Resolution or contract.