Treasurer/Tax Collector: Sandie Arnott

The Treasurer-Tax Collector manages and protects the County's financial assets and ensures the greatest returns on County funds through the efficient collection of property taxes and professional administration of the County treasury.


The Investment Division provides and analyzes the needs of County operations and investments accordingly, depending on the projected daily cash. The primary focus on the investment fund is to secure principal and liquidity for pool participants and secondarily earning adequate yield. Our goal is to ensure the quality and efficiency of our practices to best maximize the services provided:

  • Monthly and Quarterly Investment reports
  • Process wire requests of pool participants
  • Create monthly activity statements of participants


The Cashiering Division is responsible for processing other departments deposits, processing tax payments at the window, preparing bank deposits, performing daily reconciliation of bank reports and record cash receipts.

The mission of the Cashiering Division is to provide treasury and cashiering services to all our customers in an efficient, timely, professional, courteous, and customer-oriented manner.

Treasurer cashier counter