We live in the heart of Silicon Valley, but even in San Mateo County we have a significant digital divide between those with high speed Internet access and those with slow speed or no access. The County believes that providing high speed Internet access is the 21st century equivalent to building roads. Providing the infrastructure so that all residents have equal access to online resources is critical to supporting our shared vision of a healthy, safe, prosperous, livable, environmentally conscious, and collaborative community.

In 2014, the County of San Mateo launched its SMC Public WiFi program to help build out this infrastructure and provide these modern on ramps to the resources available online. In addition to servicing unserved and underserved communities, SMC Public WiFi supports educational opportunities for students, spurs local economic development, and provides greater access to County services. We invite you to learn more about the program, see where sites are located and planned, and provide us with feedback.

Current Locations

As of June 2018, SMC Public WiFi is available at the following locations:

  • Bayshore Community Center, Daly City
  • Broadmoor Community Center, Daly City
  • Captains House, San Mateo
  • CFFC, San Mateo
  • Coastside Hope, El Granada
  • Colma Community Center, Colma
  • Coyote Point Marina, San Mateo
  • Coyote Point Park's Gatehouse, San Mateo
  • Cuesta La Honda Recreation Center, La Honda
  • Daly City Community Services Center, Daly City
  • David E. Lewis Reentry Center, East Palo Alto
  • Daybreak Shelter, Redwood City
  • Doelger Senior Center, Daly City
  • El Concilio Latino Support Center, Burlingame
  • Fair Oaks Community Center, Redwood City
  • Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Moss Beach
  • HSA Fair Oaks School, Redwood City
  • Kennedy Family Center, Redwood City
  • Lincoln Community Center, Daly City
  • Memorial Park, Loma Mar
  • Pacelli Event Center, Daly City
  • Pescadero, Pescadero
  • Pescadero Puente Center, Pescadero
  • Pillar Ridge Center, Moss Beach
  • Portola Community Center, Portola Valley
  • Probation Department, South San Francisco
  • Puente de la Costa Sur, La Honda
  • Ryder Park Ranger Station, San Mateo
  • San Pedro Valley Park, Pacifica
  • Siena Youth Center, Redwood City
  • St Francis Center, Redwood City
  • Sterling Youth Center, Colma
  • StreetCode Academy, Palo Alto
  • War Memorial Community Center, Daly City
  • WIC-EPA, East Palo Alto
  • YMCA Community Resource Center, South San Francisco
  • 2000 Alameda, San Mateo
  • AG-COASTSIDE, Half Moon Bay
  • BHRS-SHASTA, Redwood City
  • Camp Glenwood, La Honda
  • County Center 455, Redwood City
  • County Center 555, Redwood City
  • County Center Hall of Justice, Redwood City
  • FirstFive in San Mateo, San Mateo
  • Harbor Belmont, Belmont
  • Health - BHRS - Canyon Oaks, Redwood City
  • Health - BHRS - Palos Verdes, San Bruno
  • Health - Coastside Clinic, Half Moon Bay
  • Health - Daly City Youth Clinic, Daly City
  • Health - MTU 65 Tower Road, San Mateo
  • Health - NCHC, Daly City
  • Health - SCMH, Redwood City
  • Health - Sequoia Teen Wellness Center, Redwood City
  • Health - SSF C?linic, South San Francisco
  • Health Plan of San Mateo, South San Francisco
  • HSA - 92nd, Daly City
  • HSA - HUNTINGTON, South San Francisco
  • HSA - MIDDLEFIELD, Redwood City
  • HSA - One Davis, Belmont
  • Human Resources 1402 Maple, Redwood City
  • Marshall, Redwood City
  • Mission, South San Francisco
  • MotorPool, Redwood City
  • PUENTE, Pescadero
  • San Bruno - MTU, Daly City
  • SCHC - Fair Oaks Clinic, Redwood City
  • Sheriff, San Mateo
  • SMMC - 37th Ave, San Mateo
  • SMMC - Admin Wing, San Mateo
  • SMMC - Clinics, San Mateo
  • SMMC - D & T, San Mateo
  • SMMC - Data Center, San Mateo
  • SMMC - Nursing Wing, San Mateo
  • WIC - EPA, East Palo Alto
  • WIC - RWC, Redwood City
  • WIC - San Mateo, San Mateo
  • YSC, San Mateo  

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“The (Wi-Fi) project has given people in town access to the Internet that they haven’t had before, and it’s been beneficial to the business community as visitors can get connected while shopping or waiting at a restaurant”

Ken Pesso, Chairman, Pescadero Municipal Advisory Council

“The (SMC) Public Wi-Fi project is closing the digital opportunity gap by providing hundreds of youth and families with the possibility of fully participating in the digital, online revolution.”

Olatunde Sobomehin, Director of Innovation, Esface, Inc