Louise F. Rogers was named chief of San Mateo County Health in July 2015. Previously she served as deputy chief, where she oversaw the department’s community health–related divisions: Family Health, Correctional Health, Emergency Medical Services, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, and Aging and Adult Services. Prior to 2011, she was director of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services. 

Rogers first joined San Mateo County Health in 2002 as deputy director of what was then the Mental Health Division of the Health Department. In her various roles over the last decade she led several major transformation efforts locally and as a part of statewide initiatives through expansion of benefits and integration of mental health, addiction, wellness, and primary care services. She represents the department in various statewide associations and is on the UCSF Depression Center Advisory Board and the San Mateo County First Five Commission.

​Before joining San Mateo County Health, she held a variety of leadership positions in public and nonprofit behavioral health and health care organizations in San Francisco and New York.

Rogers received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Yale University and a master’s degree in public administration from Golden Gate University.

When she is not at work, she enjoys sketching, photography and other art.

Portrait of female
Louise Rogers
Chief of Health