Crystal Springs Regional Trail Closures

The northern portion of the Sawyer Camp segment will be closed through October 2024. Other upcoming closures for tree work and mowing.

San Pedro Valley Park Trail Closures

On Wednesday, June 12, Montara Mountain Trail be closed from its junction with Brooks Creek Trail to the summit, while trail work is performed.

San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan Trustees Meeting, June 13, 2024

On Thursday, June 13, 2024, from 1:15 to 2:00pm, the San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan Board of Trustees will hold their regular meeting.

Volunteer with the Friends of San Pedro Valley Park

Lend a hand at a beautiful park on the San Mateo County Pacific coast by volunteering with the Friends of San Pedro Valley Park.

Mirada Surf East Closed

Mirada Surf East is currently closed while air curtain burners are in use to dispose of logs and debris from Quarry Park.

Bicycle Sunday Canceled for Holiday Weekends

Bicycle Sunday, the weekly event that allows for non-motorized use of Cañada Road along Crystal Springs Regional Trail, will be canceled during holiday weekends to meet increased staffing needs at other parks in the area.

Share Your Ideas for Enhancing Coyote Point Recreation Area

Help us enhance Coyote Point Recreation Area by taking this online survey about your preferences for new playground features, park activities, and more.

Flood Park Pump Track Featured on OpenRoad

On April 21, NBC Bay Area aired an episode of OpenRoad with Doug McConnell featuring the Flood Park Pump Track, a new recreational feature added to the park as part of the Realize Flood Park project.

Seasonal Mowing Scheduled in Parks, Along Trails

Once the rainy season subsides in late spring, San Mateo County Park staff begin to mow grassy areas in some park locations to reduce wildfire risks, control invasive plants, and enhance recreation areas.

Coyote Point Recreation Area Closures

Ongoing closures at Coyote Point Recreation Area include the Beach Center, trails, and a restroom in the Eucalyptus area of the park.

Pescadero Creek Park Trail Closures

The area south and west of the park, which was burned by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, remains closed. Other trails remain closed due to storm damage.

Huddart Park Closures

Some trails remain closed due to damage from winter storms. Toyon Campground are closed and without water. Werder Playground is closed for construction.