Recreational or Hobby sUAS Operators:   

Please reference the Federal Aviation Administration's UAS Facility Map to determine what altitude is appropriate for your sUAS operation prior to filing your sUAS notification.  A map of the area is avilable below and a link to the complete GIS database is included here.  

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) map

If you are operating an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) within 5 miles of the San Carlos Airport, you must notify the San Carlos Airport Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) at 650-592-5289 (7:00 AM to 9:00 PM local time).    Submission of the webform does not exclude notification of the ATCT via phone call. It is mandatory.

Notify the Airport Office via the webform below
If you are operating an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) within 5 miles of the Half Moon Bay Airport, you must notify the Airport Office prior to flight via the webform below

Commercial Remote Pilots:

Compliance with FAR Part 107 is required.  You should contact ATCT as soon as possible prior to your planned flight to coordinate your activity so as to avoid any delay.  Do not use the webform for Part 107 operations.

UAS Safety:

  • Fly your drone under 400 feet. Do not fly near stadiums, public buildings and large groups of people
  • Never fly your drone near a manned aircraft
  • Always fly your drone within your direct line of sight
  • Do not interfere with first responders
  • If you see a drone safety issue, call your local law enforcement agency

Drone Safety            FAA Drone FAQs

By completing and submitting the webform below, you certify that the information you are providing is correct, the operation you are conducting is non-commercial in nature, you have or will contact ATCT to inform them of your operation and the operation you will be conducting is in accordance with all applicable laws. 

Please provide a street address for your proposed UAS operation. 
Please enter your sUAS registration or other legally accepted aircraft registration number.
Proposed Start Time of Operation
Proposed Start Time of Operation
Please provide the maximum altitude you intend to operate you UAS.
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