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COVID-19: Don’t Be Taken Advantage Of

The spread of COVID-19 and the fears around it have created opportunities for scammers and price gougers to take advantage of people in our community. We want to help protect you, your identity and your pocketbook.

Be on the lookout for emails and other messages with claims about vaccines, home test kits, investment opportunities and more. Visit our COVID-19 Scams page for helpful tips, and watch a video produced by the District Attorney's office and County Health.

We also want to hear from you about possible price gouging on consumer food items or goods and emergency supplies, which is illegal during a declared local emergency. Price gouging is the raising of prices more than 10 percent. Please report any incidents to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

The California Attorney General’s Office also has helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about price gouging in the state.