What is the referral process for Pathways?

The DPOs assigned to Pathways receive applicant referrals in many ways. The referral process serves to inform the defendant’s attorney that a referral to the program has been made on behalf of her/his client and includes information regarding program eligibility, admission process, and services. These referrals may come from jail staff (i.e. Correctional Mental Health), a family member, therapists, the defendant, and/or attorneys. Once probation receives a referral, the DPO checks to see if the defendant meets the eligibility criteria.

If you would like to make a referral you can complete the referral form and mail it to Adult Probation, 400 County Center, 5th Floor, Redwood City, CA 94063, ATTN: Pathways, or fax it to (650) 363-4829 ATTN: Pathways. You can also call 650-363-4244 and ask to speak with someone in the Pathways Unit.

What if I’m not accepted into Pathways?

If not accepted into the program, the Judge sends the case back to the referring court that took the plea for sentencing or the presiding Criminal Presiding Judge.

How often will I meet with my Deputy Probation Officer?

Participants will see their probation officer weekly initially, then adjusted based on case specifics.

How do I graduate?

When a defendant completes the pathways program, they are off probation. Case is calendared by DPO and a report noting the progress the individual has made while involved with Pathways is presented to the judge. This letter is signed by the DPO and a certificate is given to the judge which is framed and given to the defendant in court. Additionally, fines and fees other than restitution are waived/vacated when graduating from the program.