What are parenting classes, and why do I have to attend?

Parenting classes are either Court ordered or recommended by the Deputy Probation Officer. The Probation Department offers the Parent Project®.

The Parent Project® is an award winning parenting program specifically designed to help parents prevent and intervene in the most destructive adolescent behaviors, such as poor school attendance or performance, drug and alcohol abuse, family conflict and gang affiliation. The importance of positive family relationships is stressed along with action plans to stop unwanted behavior. Group members are encouraged to continue meeting beyond probation intervention. The Parent Project® is offered in English and Spanish. For more information, click on Parent Project®.

We hope that you will look at this as an opportunity to receive support and tools that can better equip you to deal with the complicated issues of dealing with today’s teenagers.

How much does it cost to go to parenting classes?

The Parent Project® will cost you a nominal fee and includes a parent workbook and refreshments. A second adult is invited to attend at no charge. 

How many sessions do I have to attend and when?

The Parent Project® includes 6 three-hour sessions initially and then drops down to 4 two-hour sessions.