Do I have to be eligible for VA benefits?

No.  Participants who are not eligible for VA benefits will be encouraged to apply for health insurance such as Medi-Cal or use their private insurance.  If unable to meet with the Veterans Justice Outreach (VJO) specialist for her/his treatment plan, the individual will have their  treatment needs assessed by a BHRS Assessment Specialist/Case Manager and a treatment plan will subsequently be created.

How long is the program?

The program is approximately 12—24 months long, which may be altered based on case specifics.

What are the rules of the program?

When admitted into Military Diversion, the DPO will meet with the participant review the Military Diversion Program rules.  The rules will be subsequently signed by the participant and given to the court clerk at the participant’s next Military Diversion hearing.  Military Diversion rules include but are not limited to:

  • Report to the Probation Department, on the Fifth Floor of this building (400 County Center, Redwood City), immediately following my admission into the Military Diversion Program, unless ordered by the Court to appear on a different date;
  • Follow all reasonable directives of the Probation Department and Veterans Administration, including any treatment directives;
  • Follow all orders of the Court, and appear in Court as ordered and as directed by the Probation Department or Veterans Administration;
  • Submit to treatment or counseling as directed;
  • Seek and maintain employment/education, as directed;
  • Not commit any criminal offense;
  • Obey all laws;
  • Keep the Probation Department and the Veterans Administration informed of my whereabouts and residence;
  • Not possess any dangerous or deadly weapons, ammunition or explosives;
  • Not possess or use alcohol or any controlled substances, including marijuana;
  • Submit to search and seizure of my person, my vehicle, or my residence, or any vehicle, residence or area which is under my control, at any time, without reasonable or probable cause or search warrant;
  • Submit to chemical testing (blood or urine) for the detection of alcohol or controlled substances as directed by any probation officer or peace officer;
  • Pay any restitution ordered by the Court, whether or not my case is ultimately dismissed or my conviction expunged as a result of my successful completion of Military Diversion Program.

Clients will also understand and agree that if should they fail to comply with the Military Diversion Program Rules or do not appear to be benefitting from the treatment and services ordered, they will be subject to a hearing and criminal proceedings may be reinstated.

When graduating from the program, is my record sealed?

Yes.  The case is dismissed, and record is sealed and other than victim restitution, outstanding fines & fees are waived.

How often do I return to court for reviews?

Typically, participants return to Court for reviews every two—three months and meet with their probation officer every four to six weeks.  The frequency may change throughout the period of supervision based on case specifics.