Lorena Thompson's Legacy

When Lorena Thompson left her house the day after Halloween, she gave her young son and daughter each a kiss. “She loved us, and we knew we were loved,” said her daughter, Deborah Kemper. “That was really key for me growing up because I was angry after she was murdered, and I could have taken a bad turn in life.”

History Comes Alive at Tanforan Memorial in San Bruno

San Bruno -- A decade-long effort to tell the story of 8,000 Bay Area residents of Japanese ancestry who were incarcerated during World War II at the site of what is now the Tanforan shopping center in San Bruno is now reality.

Tech and Tradition Merge at Grand Avenue Library

 This article was first published in July 2016. More than a century ago Rue Clifford rode a horse through the streets of South San Francisco to gather signatures to support building a library. Her work paid off: industrialist turned philanthropist Andrew Carnegie gave the young city $10,000 to build its first free public library on Grand Avenue.