This roadside ditch along Cloverdale Road was badly gullied. The Road Maintenance Division smoothed the ditch, placed new rock to fill the gullies, then lined the ditch with asphalt. The Department of Fish and Game paid for the materials with Coastal Salmon Recovery funds.

The ditch works well, preventing several tons of soil erosion annually. The finished slope was hydroseeded in October 2001: sparse low grasses sprouted by early November.

road surface erosion

Two miles of Upper Gazos Creek Road were recontoured in October 2002 to reduce erosion from its unpaved surface. Roadside ditches and berms were removed and the surface was "outsloped" (sloped to drain downhill toward Gazos Creek). Rolling dips were constructed to control excess runoff. The edges of the road were planted with a native grass seed mix and mulched with rice straw. The work was partially financed by a Coastal Salmon Grant from the Department of Fish and Game.

plant rescue along a road

Native plants were carefully removed and replanted during the Upper Gazos Creek Road recontouring project. A native grass seed mix was placed along the edges of the road prior to applying rice straw mulch.