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Project No. RW935, Project File No. E5044


Encina Avenue from Middlefield Road to End of the Road

About the Project

The Project involves the roadway reconstruction of Encina Avenue from Middlefield Road to the end of road in the unincorporated North Fair Oaks area.

Project Status

Design:  Completed in Spring 2022
Construction: Complete in Winter 2022/2023


Granite Rock Company
5225 Heller Avenue, Suite 220 San Jose, CA 95138
(408) 574-1400

  • April 2022 - Plans & Specs completed and adopted by the Board of Supervisors

  • May 2022 - Project advertised and bids received

  • June - July 2022

    • Contract awarded to Granite Rock company
    • Pre-construction meeting with contractor
    • Review received submittals
  • August 2022 - Construction Work has started on 8/15/22

  • September 2022

    • Granite Rock replaced sewer main pipes starting from the end of road on Encina Avenue by pipe bursting and reconnected sewer laterals.  
    • Granite Rock will finish sewer work by end of September and will begin construction of the underground green infrastructure. 
  • October 2022

    • Removed and replaced all sanitary sewer manholes.
    • Began construction of the underground green infrastructures.
    • Installed 90% of the valley gutters between Oak Rd and end of Encina Ave.
  • November 2022
    • Performed Sag Repairs on sanitary sewer main lines.
    • Completed construction of the underground green infrastructures.
    • Installed most of the valley gutters, 6” concrete band, and headboards.
    • Began removing portions of driveways to conform to the road.
    • Anticipated construction includes the completion of all concrete work, paving driveways, cement treatment and paving of the road.
  • December 2022

    • Completed installation of valley gutters, 6” concrete band, and header boards.
    • Paved the road and driveways to conform to the new road.
    • The crew began clearing and cleaning near the properties.
    • Anticipated construction including adjusting utilities, sealing up manholes, striping, clearing and grubbing, taking care of punch list items, and performing final tests/inspections.
  • January 2023
    • Contractor performed the last phase of construction.
    • Project Substantially Completed.
Public Works Contact

(650) 363-4100

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