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About the Routine Maintenance Program

The County Department of Public Works and Parks Department conduct a range of routine maintenance activities to ensure that County facilities are properly functioning and operational. Primary maintenance activities include vegetation management and sediment removal along roads, trails, ditches, swales, and low impact development features; culvert repair/replacements; roadside slide and slip-out repairs; bank stabilization; and other maintenance at campgrounds, marinas, airports, flood control facilities, and bridges.
Historically, the County developed, permitted, and conducted routine maintenance activities as individual discrete actions. The purpose of developing the Routine Maintenance Program was to provide a more comprehensive, efficient, and consistent approach to conducting and permitting routine maintenance activities.
In 2020, the County completed a Routine Maintenance Program Manual (Maintenance Manual), which serves as the basis and project description for CEQA compliance and permit development. The Maintenance Manual identifies maintenance objectives, outcomes, and standards; describes natural resources in the Program area and specific conditions at sites where routine maintenance is anticipated; provides guidance and updated Best Management Practices to avoid and minimize potential environmental impacts during maintenance; describes countywide impact mitigation approaches; and details administration and reporting activities. The latest version of the Maintenance Manual (May 2023) is available for download below.
In accordance with State CEQA Guidelines, the County conducted CEQA analysis including preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  The Final EIR, including Response to Comments, is available for download below. The County also obtained multi-year permits from the environmental resource agencies.

  • Planning and Building Department Letter of Decision, PLN2020-00119  
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife Final Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2020-0144-R3 
  • Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) Water Quality Certification No. 34119WQ01  
  • San Francisco Bay RWQCB Waste Discharge Requirements and Water Quality Certification, Order No. R2-2020-0034  
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers RGP35, Permit No. SPN-2017-00213
  • National Marine Fisheries Service Endangered Species Act Section 7 Biological Opinion, No. WCRO-2020-00478  
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Act Section 7 Biological Opinion, No. 2022-0001125-S7-001  

For additional information about the County’s Routine Maintenance Program, please contact:


Montrose Environmental (formerly Horizon Water and Environment)

Public Works Contact

Alan Velasquez


Parks Contact

Evan Cole


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