DPW Documentation


On the form used to create a Project page, you'll find a collection of fieldsets (grouped fields) called "Project Updates," which are used to add regular announcements about the project.

Each fieldset has two parts:

1) Update Date

This is the time stamp that appears at the top of the update.

2) Update Text

This can be any helpful information you want. But try to keep it brief. (Learn more about using the WYSIWYG editor.)

Some quirks with the Project Updates fields:

Adding & Removing Updates

Every time you go back to edit your saved project page, the form will provide another blank fieldset for entering another update. If you have no update to add, just leave the new fieldset blank and no new update will appear on your page.

You can remove an update with the “Remove” button below that update's fieldset. Below all of the update fieldsets is the button “Add another item,” which allows you to add another update.

Ordering the Updates

List your updates in reverse chronological order, with the most recent update at the top and past updates listed below it from old to oldest.

Unfortunately, the updates do not automatically display on your page in reverse chronological order: they appear in the order in which they are arranged on the form. Getting them in the correct order is, admittedly, awkward. Try one of these two methods:

1) Drag the updates into correct order using the compass rose symbol in the top left corner of each update field set. It might help to temporarily zoom out your browser, making everything smaller and easier to manipulate.

2) On the title bar that says “Project Updates” select the gray compass rose symbol on the right. This will toggle the ordering of the updates between two methods—a) dragging them into place, and b) ordering them numerically. Selecting the numeric option, you’ll see numbers to the right of each update fieldset, select the numbers from smaller to greater as you would like the updates to appear from top to bottom (updates with smaller numbers are "lighter" and will float to the top of the list).