On October 29, 1991, the remains of an adult Caucasian male was discovered on the beach, in the Sharp Park area, Pacifica, California. The remains were found by a passerby and there were no witnesses to the event. The remains bore no identification.


Description of Remains:

John Doe

Sex: Male

Ancestry: European descent

Age: Approximately 26 - 32 years

Eyes: Unknown

Hair: Dark Brown

Facial Hair: None

Height: Approximately 5' 10"

Weight: Approximately 170 lbs


  • Blue Levi "500" jeans (32 waist/34 length).
  • "Hi-Tech" hiking-type shoes (size 11).
  • White athletic socks, crew length.
  • "Hanes" white men's briefs (size 32).

Jewelry: None

Distinguishing marks or tattoos: Skeletal structure reveals a yellow pigmentation, consistent with Tetracycline antibiotic therapy.

No prints or dental charts available at this time.