On 12/31/1978, hikers found partial skeletal remains among clothing under the Doran Bridge.

Description of Remains:

Gender: Male

LKA: Dead ~2 years

Age: Adult, 27-32 years

Height: 5’5”-5’7”

Ancestry: European descent

Hair: Unknown

Eyes: Unknown

Weight: 130-150

Clothing: White thermal long john underwear, multi-colored shirt, blue Levis jeans, blue belt, white wool sock, blue tennis shoe with a yellow stripe

Dental: Charting available

Fingerprints: None

Anthropology: None obtained

MUPS Entry: U773250468

SMSO: 78-365-07

COD: Skeletal remains, human, incomplete

Manner: Undetermined

If you have information regarding the identification of this person, please contact:

San Mateo County Coroner's Office
Telephone: (650) 312-5562