On November 23, 1983, an adult male of African ancestry was found near Cooley Landing in East Menlo Park in a marshy area.  The remains were partially clothed in blue jeans, belt with buckle and a pair of tennis shoes.  The decedent is believed to be approximately 30 years old and had old facial trauma to the nose and left eye area.  His lower wisdom teeth were removed and he had been dead for 1-1.5 years.  Facial reconstruction completed.

Description of Remains:

John Doe Facial Recreation

Gender: Male 

 Age: Approximately 30 years old +/- 3 years 

 Height: Approximately 5’5” 

 Ancestry: African descent

 Hair: Black 

 Eyes: Unknown 

 Weight: Muscular build with possible spinal problem 


  • “Lee” brand blue jeans 33-34” waist/28” inseam
  • Size 8 Converse tennis shoes
  • large yellow metal belt buckle 2”x3” with ornament missing on brown belt 

 Dental: Records present; No fillings; lower wisdom teeth removed 

 Fingerprints: None 

 Anthropology: Completed 


If you have information regarding the identification of this person, please contact:

San Mateo County Coroner's Office
Telephone: (650) 312-5562