On December 2, 2000, at approximately 1545 hours, the severely decomposed remains of John Doe #18 were found by juveniles playing under a bridge (overpass), in the 1900 block of 3rd Avenue, San Mateo.

Description of Remains:

Sex: Male
Ancestry: European descent
Age: Adult - 30-40 years old
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Straight brown hair with some graying
Height: 66 inches
Weight: The antemortem weight is estimates at approximately 125 to 135 pounds.

  • "Active" brand white sport shoes
  • Blue-green patterned jacket
  • Blue sweatshirt "Golden Gate Warriors"
  • Black sweatshirt
  • Black drawstring exercise pants
  • White socks.

Jewelry: Yellow metal "Pulsar" wristwatch.

Distinguishing marks or tattoos:

  • On the back of the left wrist shows "Mom".
  • On the front of the right wrist shows "Lucky" with the down stroke of the letter y curving towards the left to underline the word.
  • On the right arm and forearm is a large blurred head representing a female head with long hair.
  • The lateral aspect of the right lower leg shows an illegible cartoon-like design.