On January 11, 1987, at approximately 1701 hours, passerby discovered the fully dressed remains of a young female (possibly transient) in the bushes in front of 198 Bruno Street, Daly City. The remains bore no means of identification. Found in the decedent's possession was:

Jane Doe #1
  • a partially labeled prescription container bearing the name "Long's Drug" in Concord;
  • a matchbook with a "Vern's" insignia; and
  • a smoked Winstons cigarette.
Descripton of Remains:

Sex: Female

Ancestry: European descent

Age: Approximately 25-30 years old

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Straight, dark brown with seborrhea

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 99 lbs.


  • "Windy Weather" jacket, gray colored with hood and fleece lining

  • "Eyes Stopper" blue jeans

  • Blue velour sweater

  • Gray pullover (New York)

  • Hooded lavender sweatshirt

  • Blue underwear

  • 1pair brown socks

  • 1 pair black socks

  • 1 pair white socks

  • 1 pair brown lace-up shoes

Jewelry: None

Distinguishing marks or tattoos: Appendectomy scar

If you have information regarding the identification of this person, please contact:

San Mateo County Coroner's Office
Telephone: (650) 312-5562