June 27, 2016
  • Today the Information Services Department of the County of San Mateo announced that it now has 24 SMC Public WiFi sites across the County.

    In 2014, the County of San Mateo launched its SMC Public WiFi program to help build public Internet access spots serve unserved and underserved communities, support educational opportunities for students, spur local economic development, and provide greater access to County services.

    The current sites include:

    • Bayshore Community Center, Daly City
    • Broadmoor Community Center, Daly City
    • Coastside Hope, El Granada
    • Colma Community Center
    • Coyote Point Captain's House, San Mateo
    • Coyote Point Gatehouse, San Mateo
    • Coyote Point Marina, San Mateo
    • Cuesta La Honda Recreation Center
    • Daly City Community Services Center, Daly City
    • David E. Lewis Reentry Center, E. Palo Alto
    • Fair Oaks Community Center, Redwood City
    • Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Moss Beach
    • Lincoln Community Center, Daly City
    • Pescadero (downtown)
    • Pillar Ridge Community Center, Moss Beach
    • Puente de la Costa Sur, La Honda
    • Puente de la Costa Sur, Pescadero
    • Ryder Park Ranger Station, San Mateo
    • San Mateo County Board of Supervisor Chambers, Redwood City
    • Siena Youth Center, Redwood City
    • Star Vista / Daybreak Shelter, Redwood City
    • Sterling Youth Center, Colma
    • Streetcode Academy, East Palo Alto
    • YMCA Community Resource Center, South San Francisco

    For more information, please visit the SMC Public WiFi web site.