The County Attorney’s Office offers unpaid summer internships for high school and college students interested in practical experience in the field of public law. Interns will assist in tasks such as research, writing, filing, and scanning.  When possible, interns may also observe depositions and court appearances.   

If you are interested in a summer internship, please send a resume and a cover letter addressing the supplemental questions to by 12:59 PM on April 30, 2023. 


Supplemental Questions:

1. What is interesting to you about the legal field?

2. What areas of our office’s legal practice interest you most? (Our office provides a full range of legal services to the Board of Supervisors, elected officials and all County departments, boards and commissions, special districts and school districts in San Mateo County; visit the Attorneys and Assignments page for further detail.)

3. What is interesting to you about the County Attorney's Office?

4. At the end of your internship, what would you like to have learned or accomplished?

5. What kind of work would you like to perform during your internship?

6. What dates would you be available for your internship, and how many hours per week on what schedule?

7. Do you prefer to be onsite in our office, work remotely, or both?  (At present, most CAO employees are working onsite three days per week and are remote the remaining two days.)


If you have questions about the internship program, please contact the program’s coordinator:

Heather K. Hardy, Administrative Services Manager


Phone: (650) 363 – 4679