Central Coast Private Road Maintenance Guide

The Central Coast Private Roads Maintenance Guide is designed for California Central Coast residents who work, live or own property in rural areas, and are concerned about road safety, accessibility and maintenance. A well planned, constructed, and maintained road system is essential for community safety and wise resource management. Nearly everything discussed in this Guide is aimed at producing efficient, low-maintenance roads that have minimal impacts on our watersheds. This guide is the result of a joint effort by the San Mateo County, Santa Cruz County, and Monterey County Resource Conservation Districts.



San Gregorio Creek Watershed Management Plan

The San Gregorio WMP was designed to quantitatively assess factors limiting native focal species habitats and populations. Rather than responding to symptoms of ecosystem problems, the approach takes a watershed perspective to identify the root cause of ecosystem problems so that comprehensive and effective management and restoration actions can be developed and prioritized. Given limited resources, this watershed-wide approach is not only robust, but prudent. A product of the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District.



Pilarcitos Integrated Watershed Management Plan

The Pilarcitos Integrated Watershed Management Plan provides balanced solutions to effectively manage the Pilarcitos Creek watershed with emphasis in satisfying environmental, public health, domestic water supply, and economic interests. The IWMP identifies threats and recovery measures for riparian habitat and special status species such as steelhead, coho salmon, and California red-legged frog. The plan also identifies water availability and quality issues throughout the watershed and includes concepts for developing stakeholder-supported alternative water supply and water recycling projects to enhance streamflow while maintaining water yield for users. Produced by the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District.


SMC Maintenance

County of San Mateo - Maintenance Standards

The County of San Mateo Department of Public Works has developed these procedures to minimize impacts to water quality and fish and wildlife habitat throughout the San Mateo County. These procedures supersede the draft Performance Standards for Rural Road Maintenance submitted to the Regional Water Quality Control Board in compliance with the County-wide National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit dated July 1999. These procedures are intended to meet both the NPDES permit requirement, and the Endangered Species Act Section 4(d) Rule for Steelhead and Salmon (September 8, 2000).