A Sheriff You Can Trust

Sheriff Christina Corpus has served the public and San Mateo County since 1995.

She began with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Officer in 2002 and worked her way up to Captain/Chief of Police before being sworn in as the 26th Sheriff of San Mateo County in January 2023. Throughout her career, she has served in the Corrections Division, Professional Standards, and Operations Division. Sheriff Corpus has overseen the Community Policing Unit, the School Resource Unit, the Field Training Unit, the K-9 Unit, the Motor Unit, and the Sheriff’s Activities League. She developed the first Women in Law Enforcement Boot Camp and Symposium to increase workforce diversity to mentor and train women seeking a career in law enforcement. Her professional accomplishments include a Bachelor of Science Degree in criminal justice and a Master of Science degree in law enforcement and public safety leadership. Sheriff Corpus is the first female Sheriff in San Mateo County since the founding of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office in 1856. She is also one of the first Latina Sheriffs in California.

Sheriff Corpus recognizes the need for change and advocates for more effective, humane, and responsive community policing through transparency, integrity, and stakeholder engagement. She supports law enforcement professionals and is committed to re-establishing community engagement to rebuild community trust through inclusion and collaboration. Sheriff Corpus' primary focus is on public safety; keeping the residents of San Mateo County safe is a top priority.

She believes inclusion and collaboration with the community, businesses, and faith-based leaders will increase law enforcement’s understanding of community needs and provide more effective methods to address issues such as criminal justice reform, implied biases, mental health, human trafficking, and homelessness.

Sheriff Corpus believes in making a difference by getting involved; she is a board member for LifeMoves, Casa Circulo Cultural, and The Sheriff’s Activities League. Sheriff Corpus is a distinguished public servant willing to surpass the status quo to enact a more progressive and inclusive model for community policing.

Female Sheriff portrait
Christina Corpus
County Sheriff
400 County Center, 3rd Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 599- 1664