Project Number



206 Sequoia Avenue, Sequoia Tract

About the Project

The applicant is seeking a Major Subdivision to construct a new four-story, 23-unit residential condominium building that includes a ground-level garage for 33 parking spaces, bike lockers, and storage on a legal 18,951 sq. ft parcel in the Sequoia Tract area of San Mateo County.  Three (3) of the residential units will be designated for very low-income households and 8 of the units are proposed under the State Density Bonus Law.  The residential units consist of three 1-bedroom units and 20 two-bedroom units.  The existing one-story single-family residence and detached accessory buildings on the property will be removed to accommodate the proposed project.  Earthwork associated with the project includes 385 cubic yards (c.y.) of grading (360 c.y. of cut and 25 c.y. of fill) to accommodate the building pad and site work, and the removal of three (3) significant trees (one 15-inch Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) Coast live oak, one 34-inch DBH Coast live oak, and one 20-inch DBH English walnut) within the building footprint.

Planning Commission Hearing Date

February 8, 2023 (see notice below for meeting details)

Board of Supervisors Hearing Date

May 23, 2023 (see notice below for meeting details)


Olivia Boo, Project Planner