May 11, 2022
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    The Planning & Building Department is open to the public for in-person and online services. Please see below for ways to access our services.

    Access Counter Services

    Information Counter—The Information Counter on the 2nd Floor counter is open to the public from 8am–4pm, Monday–Thursday (closed 12pm–1pm, and on Fridays). Services available include:

    • General Questions related to accessing services
    • Checking in for an appointment
    • Assistance with scheduling an appointment
    • Making a payment
    • Hard Copy Plan/Document Drop Off

    Counter Service Appointments—The Planning & Building Counter on the 2nd Floor is open to the public from 8am–4pm, Monday–Thursday (closed 12pm–1pm, and on Fridays). We strongly encourage you to make an appointment for a virtual or in-person meeting with a Planner or Building Technician through our Qmatic appointment system. (See instructions for using virtual appointments.) We make every effort to accommodate drop-ins as availability allows, but suggest scheduling an appointment to ensure we can serve you effectively.

    Phone or Email for Counter Services—Please contact us by phone from 8 to 4 Monday – Thursday (Closed Friday) or anytime via email as shown below:

    Access Building Services

    Apply for a Building Permit

    We are accepting applications for building permits via our Accela Online Permit Center. For a list of permit types accepted on line and to apply online for a building permit, please login or register for a free account at our Online Permit Center.

    Please see the Building Permits page for more detailed information on building permit processing steps, fees, and requirements for different permit types.

    Schedule a Building Inspection

    All inspections are now conducted on site. Inspections are scheduled by calling the Automated Inspection Line at (650) 295-3650. On the day of the inspection, the 3-hour inspection window will be posted on the Automated Inspection Line by 8am, so please call (650) 295-3650, follow the prompts to enter your permit number, and press option number 5 to get your inspection time.

    Access Planning Services
    Obtain General Planning Information

    Find Your Zoning District – You will need the property address or Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN – preferred) to find out what zoning district your property is in. Please reference the “Find My Zoning District” webpage and use the Planning GIS Map Viewer. If you don’t have the APN and the address doesn’t come up in the GIS, please contact the Planning Counter at

    Find Application Information on Planning Permits – For application information on planning permits, including required forms, fees, process, and timing, please visit our Planning Permits page.

    If You Need Additional Information – If you have additional questions about the zoning regulations, permits required, or need additional information related to potential development of the property, please contact the Planning Counter at 650-363-1825 or via email at In your email, please include the property address or APN (preferred), and specific questions you may have. You may also request an in-person or virtual appointment with a planner if you have many or complex questions via the Qmatic Appointment System.

    Apply for a Planning Permit

    Initial Application - We are accepting applications for planning permits via email only. Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Fill out an application form and review the estimated permit fees, process, and timeline on our Planning Permits page.
    2. Print, sign, scan or e-sign the form and send as a PDF to
    3. Include application materials via a link from a file sharing program or as PDF file attachments to the email. Include plans as one PDF and supporting documents as separate PDFs; be sure to title each PDF with the project location address, submittal cycle number (Cycle 1 for initial submittal), and document type (plans, biological report, etc.). For more information on PDF formatting requirements, file naming conventions, and drawing standards, please see our Electronic File Submittal Requirements.
    4. Your permit application will be assigned to one of our Planners within 2 business days. Your planner will contact you regarding the payment of fees and next steps in processing.

    Pending Applications - To check status, submit additional correspondence, information, or revised plans in connection with a previously submitted permit application, email the planner assigned to the permit; see planners’ email addresses on our contact page. Please be sure to reference the permit number (i.e., PLN2020-01234), project location address, submittal cycle number (2,3, etc., if applicable), and document type (public comment, plans, supplemental reports, etc.).

    Contact Code Compliance

    We investigate zoning, building code, and other land use regulation violations, with a priority on investigating potential violations that impact public health and safety. Please submit complaints via phone at 650-363-4825 or email to:

    View Public Meetings Remotely

    Remote access is established for all public meetings hosted by the Department. For further information on how to access a public meeting, go to the meeting page for the meeting date. Instructions for participation will be posted 7 days prior to the meeting date.

    View all upcoming public meetings