January 9, 2023
  • Rain, rain everywhere! Some parks have received more than 20 inches of rain since Dec. 31. That’s a lot of water that is needed, but also impacts trails, roads, and park facilities.

    To stay safe and protect the environment, here are some tips about visiting parks during or after rain:

    • Avoid hiking on dirt trails that are saturated with water, where you may have to step off trail. Stepping off trail causes trail rutting and erosion that can also impact plants and animals dependent on the area’s ecosystems.
    • Paved trails with standing water can hide hazards, including sink holes or large divots that can cause tripping. Using trails under these conditions also contributes to further damage of the trail.
    • Rangers have seen large and even healthy trees come down when soil becomes super-saturated after years of drought. Use caution near large trees, especially during high winds.
    • Coastal bluffs are great locations that may seem safe to take in ocean action during storms, but please use caution and stay away from the edge. Heavy weather can cause bluffs to give away and fall onto the beach below.

    We encourage you to keep current with park and trail conditions and safely enjoy parks that are open especially during breaks in the weather. Remember to please respect park and trail closures.

    Reporting Damage

    Thank you to park visitors that have been reporting downed trees, washed out areas, and other storm damage. If you wish to report damage please leave a message at our main line (650) 363-4020 or send an email to ParksandRecreation@smcgov.org. Staff will not be able to return your call unless they need further information.