January 19, 2021
  • Dog on Leash

    In accordance with the County's updated dog ordinance, San Mateo County Parks and the Dog Work Group have significantly expanded recreational opportunities for dogs and their owners by allowing dogs on leash and on trail at several new park locations. The full list of locations available to you and your dogs is now as follows:

    In addition to the San Mateo County parks and trails that allow dogs, consider dog-friendly trails in nearby Midpeninsula Open Space District locations:

    When visiting the park with your dog, please be sure to:

    • Always keep dogs on leash
    • Scoop the poop
    • No more than 3 dogs per person
    • Keep leash 6 feet or less when near others
    • Keep dogs out of playgrounds and other undesignated areas
    • Leave wildlife and vegetation undisturbed

    While increased dog access is being piloted at San Mateo County Parks, our park rangers will focus on educating park visitors on the new ordinance and may issue citations with fees for non-compliance.