March 25, 2023
  • The following trails Huddart Park remain closed as staff work to clear debris and repair damaged areas following heavy rain and high winds:

    • Kings Mountain Trail next to Greer Rd marker 46 to 45 (0.1 miles)
    • Richards Road Trail from marker 12 to 20 (0.4 miles)
    • Toyon Campground Road from marker 19 to 24 (0.6 miles)
    • Dean Trail from marker 27 to 41 (0.8 miles)
    • Chinquapin Trail from marker 41 to 51 (1.6 miles)
    Huddart Trail Closures - March 2023

    Please exercise caution and avoid hiking on water-saturated trails, which can hide tripping hazards as well as cause erosion. Also be sure to remain on trail as soil and trees may have become unstable due to heavy moisture and may give way. Learn more about visiting the park after heavy rain