Watch for trail closures through end of June
June 15, 2022
  • Edgewood Park - Sylvan Trail  003_1.jpg

    On May 16, 2022, fuel reduction work began at Edgewood Park. During this project closures will be in place on Sylvan Trail between markers 3 and 16, and Baywood Trail between markers 7 and 8 when work crews are in the area, Monday through Friday. Please observe trail closure signs. This work and trail closures are anticipated to last through June, but may be extended. See a map of the closed trails

    From May 16 through July, San Mateo County Parks will conduct wildfire hazard risk reduction with an 19-acre area of the park. The work will include thinning of understory to create shaded fuel breaks within 100 feet of the eastern and southeastern park boundary, and removal of sudden oak death affected trees and other dead standing trees within 200 feet of select trails and neighboring structures.

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