August 17, 2023
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture staff has recommended that pest management in Flood Park, which aims to reduce the large ground squirrel population that continues to damage to buildings, walkways, and significant trees, should continue once a week through August and expand to twice a week in September until the squirrel count is significantly diminished. The park will be closed for pest management on the following dates:

    • Wednesday, August 23
    • Wednesday & Thursday, September 13 & 14
    • Wednesday, August 30
    • Wednesday & Thursday, September 20 & 21
    • Wednesday & Thursday, September 6 & 7
    • Wednesday & Thursday, September 27 & 28

    These techniques are safe to the public, domesticated animals, and non-targeted wildlife outside of burrows. No poison will be used. Any trapped animal that is not a ground squirrel will be released.

    All treatment methods will be conducted in accordance with the USDA and American Veterinary Medical Association standards. San Mateo County Park and USDA staff will be present while work is conducted.

    Questions about ground squirrel management at Flood County Park can be emailed to You can also review the Frequently Asked Questions about this project on our Natural Resource Management page