June 9, 2022
  • View baseline monitoring data for our Off-Leash Dog Pilot Program at Pillar Point Bluff and Quarry Park.

    To promote healthy, safe, and varied experiences for all park users, and to protect natural resources and wildlife, the Parks Department has recommended a pilot of off-leash dog recreation on specified trails at Quarry Park and Pillar Point Bluff for 12 months. The specified trails were selected because they are largely located away from Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas, are wide enough to safely support passing recreationalists, and provide a variety of hiking experiences for park visitors. Also, on-leash dog recreation is currently allowed at both Pillar Point Bluff and Quarry Park, which means dogs would not be introduced to these parks for the first time, but instead would be recreating in a new way.

    To evaluate the potential environmental impacts created by the pilot program, the Parks Department prepared an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration and an Adaptive Management Plan (AMP). Parks will use the AMP to manage and monitor the off-leash dog recreation pilot program and to protect the environment while also accommodating the diverse and changing recreational needs of the public over time.

    The AMP will monitor 8 indicators to evaluate the program:

    1. Presence of dog waste
    2. Fecal coliform levels
    3. Harassment of wildlife
    4. Dog entry into sensitive areas
    5. Dogs traveling off trail
    6. Leash compliance for on-leash trails
    7. Interactions between other visitors and dogs
    8. Changes in park visitation in response to visitors with off-leash dogs

    Baseline monitoring for these indicators began in July 2021 and will continue to be presented in the documents linked from this page. The data included in the baseline monitoring to date includes observations for all of the above criteria except for fecal coliform levels. Find the data reports attached below.

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