Ongoing PG&E closures on portions of the San Andreas segment.
January 17, 2023
  • Please note: The Sawyer Camp segment is currently closed due to recent storms. Learn more

    We're pleased to report that SMC Public Works' paving and culvert maintenance on the Sawyer Camp segment of Crystal Springs Regional Trail is now complete.

    The portion of the San Andreas segment has also reopened as of November 29 following PG&E's vegetation management work. The reopened portion spans from the electric gate located a half mile from the northern point of the trail, to the southern entrance at Larkspur Drive.

    Other parts of the San Andreas segment continue to be closed as PG&E works on gas transmission lines. The Sawyer Camp segment will be closed through parts of January for hazard tree work. Find details below. Thank you for your patience while these maintenance and infrastructure projects are performed.

    Crystal Springs Regional Trail - Sawyer Camp Trail Newly Repaved October 2022
    Newly repaved Sawyer Camp segment, October 2022
    PG&E Gas Transmission Project, July 25 - February 24

    PG&E is working to excavate a portion of the San Andreas segment to inspect the subsurface gas transmission line and to install new monitoring and reporting devices. During the project, a 0.5-mile portion, spanning from the northern entrance at San Bruno Ave to the electric gate a half a mile south, will be closed 7 days a weekPG&E has notified the department that it expects this project to continue until February 24, 2023.

    PG&E Gas Transmission Project, October 26 - January 31

    PG&E is working on a gas transmission line on the dirt portion of the San Andreas segment spanning from Larkspur Drive to Hillcrest Blvd. This portion of the trail is closed 7 days a week until Tuesday, January 31.

    Hazard Tree Work on Sawyer Camp Segment, January 24-26

    We will be performing work on hazardous trees, which will require closure of a segment of the Sawyer Camp segment from the northern gate at Hillcrest Blvd to the Jepson Laurel. The closure will last from the evening of Monday, January 23 through Thursday, January 26.

    Crystal Springs Regional Trail Winter Closures 2023 - Jan 2023
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