Closures include Saywer Camp segment north of South Gate; portions of San Andreas Segment; Ralston Bike Trail.
March 7, 2023
  • Sawyer Camp Segment Closed North of South Gate Until Further Notice

    The multiple storm systems that hit the Bay Area in January brought a record amount of rain and damaged many San Mateo County Parks. The Sawyer Camp segment of Crystal Springs Regional Trail was one of several that were severely impacted.  Beyond flooding and downed trees, the trail sustained damage not documented in previous years. Of most concern are fissures and gaps in soil next to and under the pavement (as shown in photos below) that may indicate trail instability or imminent collapse. 

    Sawyer Camp Segment Storm Damage

    Late last week, geotechnical engineers visually inspected conditions along the Sawyer Camp segment. Their observations and recommendations should be received within a week. Based on discussions during the inspection, we expect that additional investigations, including ground borings, will be required before engineers can fully understand subsurface conditions occurring along entire Sawyer Camp segment, and provide recommendations for restoration. 

    In addition to foot and bicycle traffic, we must be able to ensure the trail can support park vehicles and any equipment needed during emergency response calls. Until inspections are complete, and we fully understand the complexity of the damage, the trail will remain from the South Gate off Crystal Springs Road, northward.

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    San Andreas Dam Geotechnical Work on Already-Closed Sawyer Camp Segment until March 18

    As part of an assessment effort, Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System will be using drill rigs to extract core samples on San Andreas Dam. This operation will occur within the already-closed Sawyer Camp segment from February 13 through March 18, 2023.

    San Andreas Segment Southern Dirt Portion Closed Until Further Notice

    Reopening of the 0.6-mile dirt section of San Andreas segment following completion of the PG&E project is delayed until Park staff can remove downed trees and repair severe erosion that developed in the middle of the trail. Trail repairs can begin once ground is dry. The closed portion is located immediately north of the Hillcrest Blvd gate.

    San Andreas Segment Northern Portion Closed for PG&E Gas Transmission Project until May 1

    PG&E is working to excavate a portion of the San Andreas segment to inspect the subsurface gas transmission line and to install new monitoring and reporting devices. During the project, a 0.5-mile portion, spanning from the northern entrance at San Bruno Ave to the electric gate a half a mile south, will be closed 7 days a weekPG&E has notified the department that it expects this project to continue until May 1, 2023.

    Ralston Bike Trail Closed for PG&E Gas Transmission Project Begins March 13 (not indicated on map below)

    PG&E will be working near Ralston Bike Trail on valve replacement and hydrostatic testing for a gas transmission pipeline. Ralston Bike Trail, a popular connector trail to Crystal Springs Regional Trail, will be closed 7 days a week, from March 13 through July 31.

    Crystal Springs Regional Trail 2023 Spring Closures
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