Holiday Cheer and Solutions to Homelessness

I joined the Veterans Commission to deliver gifts to Haven Family House. But, that is not all I am doing to help homeless families.  

Veteran of the Year Luncheon

On November 7th, we held our 4th Annual Veteran of the Year Luncheon. I could not be prouder of our San Mateo County Veterans Commission and the fine work they do for our  veterans.

Requirement for Erosion Control and/or Tree Protection Pre-Site Inspection

Due to state stormwater pollution prevention requirements and recent instances of tree damage and unauthorized tree removal, we have instituted an Erosion Control and/or Tree Protection Pre-Site Inspection Requirement for construction or demolition on specific site types.

There is No Place Like Home - Redwood Trailer Village

There is no place like home.  And even when the place your family calls home is substandard, when you are about to be displaced because where you live is being sold, it is unsettling. Redwood Trailer Village was such a place.  

Steam Cleaning in North Fair Oaks

Little things matter – including clean sidewalks to brighten neighborhoods. No one likes to step on gum while on a walk, or step over piles of garbage. As part of an ongoing effort to beautify North Fair Oaks, the Department of Public Works has steam cleaned the sideways on Middlefield Avenue – and they sparkle!