Warren Award Recipient: Commendation for Life Scout Matthew Mariani

During our Board meeting on February 27th, I honored Life Scout Matthew Mariani for his Eagle Scout project.

Relocation Assistance Ordinance

Throughout the county there are rental units that have major code violations and pose a threat to the health and safety of the tenants. In these situations, County Code Enforcement must act and as a result the tenants are temporarily or permanently displaced. These tenants are low-income and need assistance in relocating. To address this matter, the Board adopted an Ordinance which set forth property owner obligation with respect to tenants displaced from unsafe or substandard units.

Garbage Rate Increase in North Fair Oaks

Last week at the Board of Supervisors meeting, I voted no to set the 2018 garbage and recyclables rates in County Service Area 8 (North Fair Oaks) and the other unincorporated areas within the South Bayside Waste Management Authority service area. The resolution proposed a 5%, residential rate increase of $1.48 per month for two 32-gallons or one 64-gallon garbage container. 

Measure K Funds Ravenswood Family Dentistry

I presented a resolution authorizing a one-time grant of Measure K fund to the Ravenswood Family Health Center for the Dentistry Renovation Expansion Project not to exceed $69,000. This fund will provide essential capital projects that will create new dental treatment rooms. This will increase the number of pediatric chairs at the Clinic to 9 and adult chairs to 12, and enable 3,500 more patients to be seen for dental needs.

Warren Award Recipient: "Save A Life" Scholarship Awardee-Nereyda Guzman

Today I had the honor of presenting Nereyda Guzman with a commendation for the successful completion of the first “Save A Life” EMT Scholarship Program in partnership with the American Medical Response (AMR).

New Parking Lot in North Fair Oaks

Finding a parking spot on Middlefield Road in North Fair Oaks can be tough. And with construction of the Middlefield Road Improvement project set to begin soon – I have made it a priority to add more space for parking. Back in 2013, San Mateo County conducted a parking study in North Fair Oaks. This study outlined parking demand and supply solutions specifically tailored to North Fair Oaks' current and projected conditions, acknowledging anticipated Middlefield Road Improvement projects.

El Paisano Restaurant Parking Issue Gets Resolved

  A few months ago, I met with Juvenel Campos, the owner of El Paisano Restaurant in North Fair Oaks about parking issues in front of his small business. A yellow-painted line directly in front of El Paisano was making parking difficult for customers and impacting business. My staff and I worked with San Mateo County Public Works to resolve the parking problem and to enable Juvenal’s patrons to more easily access El Paisano.