The Movement for Dumbarton Corridor Improvements

Yesterday, 20 regional leaders from Bay Area counties including myself sent a letter to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). We urged MTC to focus attention and consider more options along the Dumbarton Corridor, to ensure that it is a regional transportation priority. I am proud to have initiated this coalition of regional leaders. The Dumbarton Corridor is a key component of our transportation network. Its vitality and strength will be crucial to creating high functioning system.

Working To Connect People To Parks

See how SMC Parks is working to improve park access through assistance in establishing small parks in unincorporated communities.

Warren Award Recipient: Carolyn Livengood

You can't throw a stone in San Mateo County without meeting a long-time resident who has found memories of and appreciation for Carolyn Livengood. I adjourned in her memory today at the Board of Supervisors meeting. And, it is with gratitude and sadness that I grant her a posthumous Warren Award.  Carolyn was a tenacious journalist with heart and soul. And, she was a tireless volunteer for veterans and veteran causes. Carolyn was resident of San Bruno since 1948 – and was involved in many activities in the town she called home.