Thursday, Jun 25, 2020
  • We want to remind you that our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to help you and your family with practically any personal challenge or concern.

    Our EAP provider, Claremont EAP, provides resources for no cost Counseling, Legal Services, Financial Consultation, Work/Life Services, a Personal Advantage Website to access more than 20,000 resources to help with any life event, and a Positivity Center with resources and assessments for resilience, mindfulness meditation, gratitude, and the science of happiness.

    Claremont EAP, has recently created 3 new Resource Centers to help you and your family:


    Claremont EAP COVID-19 Resource Center

    COVID-19 Resource Center:

    Claremont EAP created this Resource Center to ease your access to information about the Coronavirus and to supplement your growing toolkit.


    Claremont EAP Anti-Racism Resource Center

    Anti-Racism Resource Center:

    Claremont EAP stands solidly against racial injustice.


    Claremont EAP First Responder Resource Center

    First Responder Resource Center:

    Claremont EAP supports our law enforcement officers and first responders.


    Please visit to take advantage of this valuable employee benefit.

    Don’t forget! You can also visit our wellness portal on PreventionCloud, to access Claremont EAP webinars and earn points towards your $250 Wellness Dividend.