Life Resources from your County Benefit Providers and Partners
Tuesday, Jun 28, 2022
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    Life Resources from your County Benefit Providers and Partners

    Work/Life Referral Services from Claremont EAP

    Through the County’s Employee Assistance Program, you have 24/7 toll-free telephonic access to skilled researchers to provide referrals on a wide range of work, personal, or everyday matter that’s important to you.  

    • Older Adults/Elder Care
    • Child Care
    • Parenting Skills
    • Education
    • Adoption
    • Daily Living / Convenience
    • Health & Well Being

    For more information including a detailed list of referral services, visit Claremont EAP. To get EAP services, please call Claremont at 800-834-3773.

    Life Services Toolkit from The Standard

    As a covered employee under The Standard Insurance, you have access to Life Services Toolkit, an online resource that can help you and your family now and in the future.

    • Estate Planning Assistance
    • Financial Planning
    • Health and Wellness
    • Identity Theft Prevention
    • Funeral Arrangements

    Visit the Life Services Toolkit website at and enter user name: assurance

    LifeReferrals 24/7 from Blue Shield of California

    Blue Shield’s LifeReferrals 24/7 is a no cost program for all Blue Shield enrollees. You have access to a team of experienced professionals ready to help you with a wide range of personal, family, and work issues.

    • Personal Counseling
    • Legal Assistance
    • Financial Coaching
    • Identity Theft Resolution
    • Referrals to Community Resources

    Call LifeReferrals 24/7 toll free any time at (800) 985-2405 or visit and enter the access code: bsc

    Home Share with HIP Housing

    Are you a Homeowner or renter? Or perhaps you are a home seeker looking for a room to rent. HIP Housing is a non-profit organization and their County-sponsored Home Sharing Program helps match individuals seeking housing with people who have a room or Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to rent. For more information including the Monthly Rooms Available List, visit HIP Housing.

    Financial Soundings is now Remotiv

    Financial Soundings, which delivers personalized retirement readiness reports to County employees at no cost, recently completed a brand relaunch under the new name Remotiv, derived from Retirement Motivation Technologies.

    "The purpose of our relaunch is to complete the rollout of our new technologies, as we leverage the power of our platform to shape our company for the next generation and beyond," said Chairman and CEO Bobby Dughi.

    To find out more about Remotiv, please visit  To log into their retirement readiness portal and see your report, visit

    If you are not yet enrolled to receive this report, please mark your calendar to enroll in this FREE Financial Soundings Benefit in Workday during the annual Open Enrollment period this year in October and November 2022.

    Virtual Financial Trainings with Empower

    Join your Empower Representative from 12pm to 1pm for virtual financial trainings designed to help you understand and achieve financial wellness.

    Sign-up through LMS and earn 1 hour of credit towards your LMS training goal for each session you attend!






    12pm - 1pm

    Retirement Planning for Women


    12pm - 1pm

    Planning for Healthcare Costs


    12pm - 1pm

    Map-My-Finances and Manage-My-Retirement


    12pm - 1pm

    Investing & Asset Allocation


    12pm - 1pm

    Map-My-Finances and Manage-My-Retirement


    12pm - 1pm

    Maximizing Your Contributions with Catch Up Provisions


    12pm - 1pm

    Retirement Planning for Women


    12pm - 1pm

    Investing & Asset Allocation


    12pm - 1pm

    Maximizing Your Contributions with Catch Up Provisions


    12pm - 1pm

    Retirement Planning for Women


    12pm - 1pm

    Saving Early In Your Career

    Virtual Retiree Health Information Session

    Are you Retiring soon or interested in learning more about your Retiree Health options? This class is designed to help you understand Retiree Health Benefits when you decide to retire. Sign-up through LMS

    Virtual Retiree Health Informational Session:

    • Tuesday, July 12, 10:00am – 12:00pm
    • Thursday, August 4, 10:00am – 12:00pm

    Steps 1 and 2 of the Dividend Program are wrapping up June 30th !

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